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Take you to understand the mystery of wine bottle opener

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 05-09-2020      Origin: Site


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For a superior wine, the progress of technology seems to have no need to worry about how to open it, because a variety of bottle openers are available for you to choose from the original T-shaped bottle opener to the time-saving and double-arm lever type The bottle opener, or the easy-to-learn Ah-So bottle opener, or the versatile waiter-type bottle opener is dazzling. This article introduces several common bottle openers to wine beginners and how to use them.

The T-shaped bottle opener is one of the easiest bottle openers. It consists of a handle and auger bit. Its usage is also very simple, but it is more laborious to use, and it often pulls or breaks the cork stopper. create pollution.



Double-arm lever-type bottle opener, also known as butterfly-type bottle opener, consists of two liftable arms and auger bits. As the drill bit penetrated into the cork stopper, its arms were lifted upwards. After raising it to the end, it was only necessary to press down the arms and the wine stopper was pulled out. It is characterized by labor saving and high efficiency, but it is not easy to operate, large in size, not portable, and only suitable for home use.


The waiter-type bottle opener is commonly known as the "Friend of Waiters" and is a tool commonly used by most sommeliers. It usually consists of a wine knife (for cutting the tin foil of the packaging bottle), auger bit and stopper bracket. The usage is also easy to learn. After the auger bit is drilled into the wine stopper, the stopper bracket is placed on the edge of the bottleneck, and the wine stopper is pulled out step by step. It is foldable, easy to carry, and versatile, so it is favored by sommeliers.



The rabbit ear type bottle opener is a quick bottle opener, named after its two handles for holding the bottleneck of wine like rabbit ears. After the "rabbit ear" grips the neck of the bottleneck, quickly depress the lever to allow the auger to quickly enter the stopper, and then pull the lever back to disengage the stopper. Its operation is simple and efficient, but it is bulky, not portable, and expensive.


The Ah-So bottle opener is also one of the easy to learn bottle openers. It consists of a handle and two iron pieces, and the operation is also very simple. Just insert the two iron pieces into the gap between the cork and the edge of the wine bottle, then slowly rotate from right to left and pull out the cork. Use the Ah-So bottle opener without worrying that the cork stopper will break or break and get stuck in the bottle.


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