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The material of trophy?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 12-27-2019      Origin: Site


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No one will dislike the trophy. People can only get the trophy if they work hard and work hard to become a leader in a certain field. Trophies and awards are a true reflection of your status and achievements. So the trophy is very important for the winners and for the people who organize the awards. It was the center of the entire awards ceremony. So you need to say something impressive to yourself or someone you need to thank.


The trophy is a way to send messages.

So whether you're honouring a sporting achievement or an employee who has performed well throughout the year, your trophy needs to convey the message you want to convey. And its quality determines its value. So you need to find the best trophy manufacturer for the production of these quality awards trophies.


But before custom trophy, you need to understand the different types of materials will be used in the design of the trophy. So here we come to discuss the different types of materials used to make the trophy.

Different types of trophies material:



(1) Glass

You can do semi-custom or full custom glass trophy. Trophy glass will cut into various shapes and sizes according to the design of the bulk glass. As the size of the glass plate thickness of various materials. Creation process have different designs, specifications and price, it is suitable for those who need to control the purchase price.


(2) Aggreko Trophy

This material is both durable and inexpensive. And now it looks very similar to glass, in recent years, well received by customers. At the same time, it is shatterproof, so you do not want to treat it carefully, but do not need regular maintenance. This material is also more portable, and can adapt to all kinds of mold in the manufacturing process, complete any design you want.

However, you need to know is that it is completely different with the glass trophy, which will be able to know at the same time you touch it.



(3) crystal trophies

In recent years, the best materials are crystal trophy. Lead content make this material softer than the other. So it is very suitable for carving, very convenient. Therefore, it is also very suitable for fine carving.

These crystal trophy produce vivid color when exposed to light. You find light in the crystal trophy, the level and quality are not available in other materials.


(4) Wooden trophy

It also fits custom trophies of all sizes and shapes. Wood is a natural material, which itself has different textures and finishes. Wooden trophies are usually more traditional in design and larger in size than the average trophy. It is the ideal design material for polo matches, football matches or other similar sports events.


(5) Metal trophy

The metal material is heavier and harder, and it is obviously more durable than other materials. We will sand, polish, and cut them into a variety of artistic geometries, and this is the metal trophy you need. After polishing, it will become dazzling and unparalleled. But compared to other materials, metal trophy production usually takes longer.


Therefore, with the above information, you can choose the right material for your purpose. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, and they are also different. You can choose your own trophy according to your preferences. Our company is specialized in producing this.


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