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10 kinds of wine bottle opener(part 2)

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 04-08-2020      Origin: Site


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6.AHSO bottle opener

When a bottle of aged wine has decided to start to distribute its fragrance and charm to the outside world, and it is no longer sealed, how to open it smoothly becomes a skill and knowledge. As the wine ages, the wine stopper is also aging and fragile. When it is opened, it will be broken accidentally, and the wood chips will naturally fall into the pure wine liquor. This should be What a pity!


The safest Ahso bottle opener can avoid this regret. The Ahso bottle opener has a simple structure and is mainly composed of two long and short iron pieces. Insert the iron piece slowly along the gap between the wine stopper and the bottle. After clamping the entire cork stopper, slowly pull it out while slowly rotating.

7. Air pressure bottle opener

Pneumatic bottle opener is a kind of bottle opener designed by the principle of vacuum pressure. This kind of pneumatic bottle opener, like a basketball inflatable cylinder, can easily open a bottle effortlessly. Compared to previous bottle openers, air pressure bottle openers can indeed save time and effort.


When using a pneumatic bottle opener, insert the needle of the wine bottle opener into the bottle from the middle of the cork, cover the mouth of the bottle with a plastic protective sleeve, and then move the needle up and down to inject air into the bottle until the cork slides out of the bottle (Usually it can be opened 4-7 times per bottle).


8.Electric bottle opener

The bottle opener has developed to this day and has entered the third generation of intelligent period. Electric bottle openers (dry electric bottle openers and rechargeable electric bottle openers) of this period have successfully got rid of the laborious and awkward shortcomings of traditional or commonly used bottle openers, incorporating modern science and technology, and can be fully automated It is simple and convenient to use, just use the "paper cutter" to remove the bottle seal, and then place the bottle opener at the bottleneck, and then gently press the "activator" of the electric bottle opener until the sound of rotation Stop, then press and hold the "activation button" to push out the stopper. The whole process takes only ten seconds, which is very fast. If you use a rechargeable electric bottle opener, you need to charge it for 10 hours before using it.


It is also very elegant and stylish in appearance, just in harmony with the noble and elegant temperament of wine.

9. Champagne knife

Champagne knives, as shiny as a sheath sword, showed the manly husband's grandeur in the rapid and powerful wielding of the bottle opener.


Champagne knife is different from ordinary bottle openers. It is a bottle opener specially used to open sparkling wine. This knife looks ordinary, and it is not much different from a saber riding on the field, or a daily fruit knife, but the grandeur and grandeur's spirit that erupted when it opened champagne were amazing.


When using a champagne knife, first make sure that the champagne has not been shaken. Be careful not to touch the bottle stopper when lifting the tin foil wine cap. After removing the wine cap, hold the bottom of the bottle firmly with your left hand, hold the champagne knife with your right hand, and use the back of the knife. Accelerate along the vertical seam of the bottle to the place where the seam meets the protrusion of the bottle mouth. If the speed and strength at this time are sufficient, the most vulnerable bottleneck of the whole bottle of champagne will break and take the bottle Sai rushed out. It should be noted that when opening the bottle, the mouth of the bottle should face upward at a 45-degree angle. Do not face the person. The air pressure in the champagne bottle will automatically and quickly fly out the stopper. The lethality cannot be underestimated.

10. Port tongs

This type of pottery pliers resembles fire tongs. It is said that at the beginning, it was used to open the aged Port. Because the corks of old port wines have decayed due to age, and the port contains a certain amount of sugar, the corks are easy to stick to the bottles, so the corks are easily contaminated with a common bottle opener. Potter pliers can be used to "chop" plugs without pulling them. In fact, the pottery is not limited to the use of port wine, but the Portuguese and British who love port wine choose this way to open the old port wine, so they named it "porter forceps".


Potter pliers mainly use the principle of glass thermal expansion and contraction to "cut the neck" directly at the bottom of the bottle cork. Generally, as long as the heating time is long enough, the temperature of the potter's pliers is high enough, and the process of breaking the stopper will be relatively fast, so there is usually no need to worry about broken glass accidentally falling into the wine.


The bottle opener has a wide variety of raw materials and functional styles. According to your own needs, pick the one that is suitable for you. It is enough to save time and effort to open the wine bottle easily. After all, life is short, why not change more How much time is spent on wine tasting?


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