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  • The History of dog tag?


    During the civil war, the army could not directly identify the casualties of the enemy and us on the battlefield with the naked eye. Therefore, how to identify soldiers has become a big problem.According to the U.S. Read More

  • What is a dog tag?


    metal metal dog tags are also military identification tags. Each U.S. military wears a metal dog tag on its chest. It is a mandatory configuration for the U.S. military's active duty and is used for identification of soldiers. Read More

  • How To Make Unique metal Bookmarks?


    Whether you are reading the best-selling books that have recently been on the list, paying attention to the recent livelihood news, or reading classic books by yourself. Read More

  • The material of trophy?


    No one will dislike the trophy. People can only get the trophy if they work hard and work hard to become a leader in a certain field. Read More

  • How are trophies made?


    People usually think of the trophy as a complete whole, but on the contrary, its design is composed of different parts and final assembly. Read More

  • How To Wear A Tie Clip?


    The tie clip is a small tool that can keep your tie where it should be in the storm. This gadget can add a lot of charm to your dress, but only if you wear it properly. For anyone, knowing how to properly wear a tie clip is a simple but important piece of knowledge. Read More

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Jiabo Crafts, is a professional crafts manufacturer, specializing in the production of a wide range of badges, medals, coins, keychains, bottle openers, bookmarks, plates, trophies and other metal products.


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