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Products News

  • Why are refrigerator magnets popular in the world as tourist souvenirs?


    That's because fridge magnets are very good carriers for tourist souvenirs. Key rings, mugs, fridge magnets, medallions, small sculptures... Read More

  • What is a special fridge magnet?


    Although the fridge magnets look simple, and they are rooted in cities and have enough design soil, we can still see many cookie cutters. Read More

  • What is a fridge magnet?


    Avoid those cookie-cutter goods. Most of the fridge magnets you see in street shops and bazaars abroad are mostly locally designed. Especially in some small towns, there are often surprises. Read More

  • Take you to understand the mystery of wine bottle opener


    For a superior wine, the progress of technology seems to have no need to worry about how to open it, because a variety of bottle openers are available for you to choose from the original T-shaped bottle opener to the time-saving and double-arm lever type The bottle opener. Read More

  • How does the bottle opener open the bottle cap?


    Imagine that you've had a long day in the sultry weather, and now all you want is to open up the delicious iced beer or premium soda you just bought. Read More

  • Usage of bottle opener


    In the complicated wine world, there are many fine wines like stars. Even the bottle opener, which is used to open that bottle of fragrant wine, has various styles. Here is a brief introduction of several commonly used household bottle openers and methods of use. Read More

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