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10 kinds of wine opener(part 1)

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 04-02-2020      Origin: Site


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In the complicated world of wines, there are so many fine wines and stars, and the goblets that match them are just as colorful, such as champagne glasses, Bordeaux glasses, Burgundy glasses ... and even the tools used to open that bottle of fragrant wine--The bottle opener is also of various styles. You can choose it ... What are the most traditional, most common, most visual, safe, most explosive, and smartest bottle openers?


1. "Changyu" opener


"Zhangyu" opener is a kind of opener commonly used in China and one of the traditional openers. It has a simple structure with a screw cone. When opening the stopper, you only need to screw the screw cone into the cork Pull the handle to pull the cork out. This bottle opener is simple to use and cheap, but it is more laborious.

2. Butterfly bottle opener


The butterfly bottle opener improves the disadvantages of the traditional bottle opener, which is more laborious to use. It uses the principle of physics to design a shape with two arms, which is like a flower butterfly that stirs its wings and dances. It is simple and easy to use. It's too laborious, just screw the screw cone into the cork and pull the handles on both sides to open the cork. It is very beautiful and welcomed by wine lovers.



3.Hippocampal opener


This type of bottle opener is designed like a hippocampus, which makes the cold metal and plastic tools look more attractive. It is not only beautiful, but also convenient, simple and effortless.

Hippocampus knives are more versatile. They are made of high-quality stainless steel and medium carbon steel. The main components are 2 stems, augers and 3 sawtooth knives. The shape is exactly like a hippocampus. Since the Spanish invented, there are many chasing fans, but no comparable bottle opener has appeared. Therefore, it is also called "the king of bottle openers". It is beautiful, light and practical. Sommeliers carry openers with them, so they are also called "Friends of the Waiter".


When opening a wine bottle with a hippocampus knife, first use a small serrated knife to cut the rubber bottle, cut the wine rubber bottle flat, and then screw the auger tip into the cork center; then stand the auger and rotate it slowly clockwise In the cork stopper, the bottle is blocked by the principle of lever, and the cork is firstly lifted by the first stage, and the cork is lifted by the second stage.

4. Rabbit-shaped bottle opener

This bottle opener is famous for its design with long rabbit ears. When opening the stopper, use the "rabbit ear" handle to grip the bottleneck, then quickly press down the pressure rod to make the auger quickly enter the stopper, and then pull the pressure rod back to make the stopper come out. This bottle opener is both beautiful and time-saving, and is a favorite of many wine lovers.

5.T-shaped bottle opener


The T-shaped bottle opener is a more traditional bottle opener with a simple structure. It has a screw cone. When opening the cork, you only need to screw the screw cone into the cork and then pull the cork out by pulling the handle. This bottle opener is simple to use and cheap, but it is more laborious.



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