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5 things you need to know about custom a medal?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 09-04-2019      Origin: Site


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Medals are a common reward in our daily lives. They can be used to encourage and promote the progress of individuals or groups, and to stimulate personal potential. Nowadays people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and various competitions are becoming more and more frequent, which leads to the increasing demand for medallions. Each event is different, so the rewards required are different, which also leads to the need for custom medallions.


Personality award customization is to make the right medallions through customized methods. This is also very much needed by people. However, when privately customized, people still find new problems, so the custom medals are customized and the medallion carving is done. Let's get to know the relevant content.


1. Determine the style and material of the medal

Medals are designed according to events or competitions, not only considering the type of event and the economic strength of the organizer. Therefore, when choosing a reward customization, people should choose the style and material of the award. It is necessary to determine the primary and secondary relationships and requirements for medallions and medallion designs, as well as their style, content and theme. High-end medals and awards are consumed in the required custom materials, high-end or production processes.


2. The color and shape of the medal

Second, the color and shape of the medallions are also worth studying. If you only reward the top three, you can use only gold, silver and copper to represent one or two. If it is the top six rewards, it is recommended that the medals be engraved. The top three are in different colors, and the last three are all in uniform colors.


3. Medal design and custom craftsmanship

Design and production are two very important processes in the process of embossing engraving medallions. The individual award design is designed by people themselves, allowing the awards to embody the elements of personality and self. The production process is an important step for the entire embossed engraving medallion process. Each of the different private custom medallions has its own unique flash point of view, so be cautious when choosing the embossed engraving medal custom process.


4. Medal packaging

After the medals are customized, the packaging is like the clothes of each of us. The color scheme should be natural and generous, simple and decent. They are very harmonious with each other and will not cause conflicts on the overall picture and the outer packaging of the rewards. In the choice, the focus is on Matching, the use of ordinary carton or high-grade wooden brocade box is also very elegant, we can also choose solid wood box, not only beautiful and light weight, how to choose it depends on the customer's wishes.


5.Medal making details

In the daily production of metal awards, there are many details that need to be carefully improved and improved. In addition to the main aspects, more attention needs to be paid to their details. For example, after receiving the product, the first time is to check whether the medal has technical defects and materials. Defects, check the surface of the medallion for scratches and stains. If this is the case, we should immediately contact the custom manufacturer to request a replacement award. If necessary, we can discuss re-customization. The medals are very strict, we must take it seriously.

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