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Jiabo Crafts

A Professional Medals & Medallions, Lapel Pins & Badges, Metal Keychains, Commemorative Coins, Trophy Cups and Other Metal Products Manufacturer.
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About Wenzhou Jiabo Metal Crafts Factory

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 03-26-2019      Origin: Site


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Factory view---Scan QR 

Factory view

Wenzhou Jiabo Crafts Co., Ltd., is one set design production and sales in one of the leadingenterprises gift industryCompanies in the metal crafts, stamping craftsdie-casting crafts, Corrosion products manufactu ring industry has a first-class talent, first Into the technologyfirst-class equipment and perfect service.

After many years of exploration and development, we formed a handicraft metal products skin in order to adapt to the new changesin the market and customers\do not Off the growth of the requirements, conducted a compreh ensive business management, by analyzing the customer Household enterprise culture productcategory, brand ima ge and target consumer groups.

The basic situationfor our customers to provide a more professional service in place produce A variety of high artistic value of the treasures badge, medals, trophies Tro phiescufflinks tie folder tokens game currency, commemorative plate awards, Chips, signs and other products texture, pure gold, silver,copper, zinc alloy,Iron, stainless steel, stainless steel iron aluminum,different design needs of customers Satisfactory products.

Wenzhou Jiabo Factory

 “Concept of miracles, action to enhance the value of " business philosophy Jia Bo forward The implementation of technological innovation,capital management,International chemical industry Art manufacturing enterprises, in order toachieve "a world brand, tree hundred years of good Bo"Grand goal to lay a solid foundation.


Customer satisfaction is our only standard, we striveforexcellence,do us the mostGood at, and take the characteristics of the road, a good brand!           

our company

§“Quality is our culture”-all custom products have to pass more than 10 steps from molding to finished.

§“With us your money in safe”-full refund in case of bad quality or delay delivery time  without force majeure factor, we also can accept payment by PAYPAL.   

§“Time is gold”-for you and for us,we have professional team work whom can making nice quality in short time.   

§“Quality is the soul of an enterprise”-we had the honor to serve(KFC-Cocacola-Mcdonald's- Russia's FSB-Oman National Day-Uae National Day).

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   +86 19558121024
   +86 19558121024

Jiabo Crafts, is a professional crafts manufacturer, specializing in the production of a wide range of badges, medals, coins, keychains, bottle openers, bookmarks, plates, trophies and other metal products.


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Factory Address :  No.136, Haihua Road, Haixi Town, Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China (Jiabo Craft )


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