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Development Of Bottle Opener

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 02-28-2020      Origin: Site


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With the emergence and development of modern industry, the bottle opener have developed from the first generation to the third generation, from the original plastic bottle opener to the appearance of various high-tech bottle opener, which have gone through decades of development. Some people say that the traditional bottle opener is a tool used by "savage gentlemen", then, with the advent of pneumatic and electric bottle opener, "savage gentlemen" became more elegant and became real gentleman.

bottle opener1

1.First generation: traditional bottle opener

Traditional bottle openers are mainly represented by plastic manual bottle openers. The disadvantages of this bottle opener are obvious: 1. strenuous; 2. not suitable for ladies and children; 3. unsightly for foreign officials;

2.The second generation: stainless steel bottle opener, butterfly bottle opener, hippocampal opener, metal bottle opener and other multi-function bottle openers.

Pneumatic bottle openers and electric bottle openers (early-shaped) openers of this generation have begun to diversify their functions and are easy to use and save labor. For example, a small knife appears in a stainless steel bottle opener, which acts as a tin foil; In the beginning, the lever principle was used to achieve the effect of convenience and labor saving. The breakthrough of this generation of bottle openers was the emergence of the third generation of pneumatic bottle openers and electric bottle openers, which laid the foundation for the third generation of air pressure and electric bottle openers. .

The disadvantages of this generation of bottle opener are also obvious. First of all, it has not got rid of the laborious shortcomings and is still not suitable for women. Metal bottle opener began to use some physical principles, but the product was bulky and clumsy. Pneumatic and electric bottle openers are technically immature and unattractive in appearance.

bottle opener2

3.The third generation: pneumatic bottle opener electric bottle opener

This generation of bottle openers includes pneumatic bottle openers, electric bottle openers (dry electric bottle openers and rechargeable electric bottle openers) were developed on the basis of the second generation, represented by air pressure and electric bottle openers, Get rid of the laborious and awkward shortcomings of the first and second generation wine corkscrew, mature in technology, and stylish and beautiful in appearance. The salient feature of this generation of wine bottle opener is the automatic operation. The modern technology is perfectly applied to the wine bottle opener, which saves time, effort, convenience and speed, and is more suitable for women. Here are some introductions:

1) Air pressure bottle opener: Principle of use: Vacuum pressure principle, injecting gas, generating pressure, pushing the wine stopper out;

Operation method: insert the needle of the bottle opener into the bottle from the middle of the cork, and protect the mouth of the bottle with a plastic protective sleeve; inject air into the bottle up and down until the cork slides out of the bottle (usually 4-7 per bottle To open it twice);

2) Electric dry bottle opener:

Features: Fully automatic operation.

Operation method: Install the battery, press and hold the "activation button" below until the sound of the rotary motion stops, and the top will exit the stopper.

3) Rechargeable electric bottle opener: Features: Fully automatic operation. Silver-plated appearance, stylish and beautiful

Operation method: built-in power supply, equipped with a charger; press the "activation button" below until the sound of the rotary motion stops, hold the "activation button" above to exit the stopper.

bottle opener3

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