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Different Types of Metal Keychain?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 09-18-2019      Origin: Site


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Keychain, also known as keychain, key ring, key chain, key hang, etc. The material for making the keyring is generally metal, leather, plastic, wood, and the like. This object is exquisite and compact, and its shape is ever-changing. It is a daily necessities that people carry with them every day. Although the keyring is a small object, with the increasing demand for personalization, the keyring is more and more classified, and there are many types of materials. What are the types of keyrings? What are the keyring materials?


The metal keychain is the most common keychain at present, and it has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, durability, strong three-dimensional effect, bright color and small size. It can be used as luggage accessories, personal accessories, and various styles. It can produce different specifications, colors, thicknesses, grades and packaging products according to requirements.


What are the keychain types?

1.Couple buckle

Couple keychain is the latest development of zinc alloy jewelry, is a brand promotion business promotion craftsmanship, is also a novel gift. The back side can also be laser logo, personalized custom keyring.

Product use: corporate brand promotion, new product promotion, tourist attractions, souvenirs, school souvenirs, advertising and other commemorative promotional items.



2.Car buckle

The car keychain is the newly developed zinc alloy automotive product. The surface is rust-proofed by dripping or plating with rare metal. It is a beautiful gift for the car owner of the 4S shop. It is also a must-have item for the car owner. Pendant, personalized fashion items.


Product use: corporate brand promotion, new product promotion, souvenir and other industry commemorative promotional items.



3.Crystal buckle

The material and craftsmanship of crystal and cast steel are exquisite and durable, which is very popular among young friends. At the beginning, ROC may have just considered the "cold face" of the hardware. From the design of these keychains, it has changed. The exquisite shape is very attractive to the little girls. And summer is coming, it is also a very good ornament.


4.Solar buckle

The solar flash keychain is the latest development and production of solar energy application products. It utilizes the power supply principle of low-light amorphous silicon solar cells to make high-quality LCD flashing and shining. It is a brand promotion craftsmanship and a novel gift. Symphony LCD display, full of fun and technology between flashing and flashing!


Product Usage: Corporate branding, new product promotions, tourist attractions, souvenirs, and school souvenirs. Commemorative promotional materials for the opening of hotel and hotel buildings and banking, telecommunications, network, insurance, post and telecommunications, communications, railway, aviation, shipping, advertising and other industries. The front side is flashing on one side and the back is laser paper.



5.Static keychain

The functional electrostatic keychain is a keyring with static electricity for daily life such as the human body, automobiles, computers, and household appliances. Use the keyring to remove static electricity when using the keychain.


Product Features:

(1)Wide: It can eliminate all static electricity in daily life such as human body, automobile, computer, metal objects (excluding industrial static electricity);

(2)Fast: Eliminate static electricity time is 0.2 seconds 3 seconds; do: can completely eliminate static hazards;

(3)Safety: No toxic side effects and dangers, absolutely safe and environmentally friendly products.


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