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Different types of bookmarks

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 12-04-2019      Origin: Site


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Everyone will read. Only a few people read a lot, and most people only read it occasionally, so most people need to use bookmarks.


Now, when people mention bookmarks, most people think of a simple rectangle to mark your place when reading, but there are many other types of bookmarks that we don't use often. Here are seven bookmarks worth considering.


1.Cloth bookmark


Bookmarks can also be as delicate as ribbons. These delicate fabrics are usually made of cotton and sometimes even silk can be used as bookmarks.


It should be noted that there are several groups of people who really use ribbons to mark their place in reading materials, such as religious organizations, who use this material as their religious text. Some of these ribbon bookmarks add small parts to make them look more luxurious, such as amulets or bells at both ends.



2. Print bookmarks


Another interesting bookmark type worth considering is regular bookmarks, with some modifications. The idea here is to print out custom bookmarks with images or logos personalized by those who need them.


For example, a small business can print a large number of such bookmarks and ensure that it contains basic information about the business. We pretend that if it is a business bookmark, we will not lose the business card at will, because it has more than one purpose. Of course, it is important to use high-quality hard paper when printing bookmarks to ensure the life of the bookmark.


3. Multifunctional bookmark


Another bookmark you should consider is super bookmarks. It reminds you of some functional bookmarks. The key here is to place pendants at the end of the bookmark, such as beads or other small accessories.


Bookmarks must be strong enough for those decorations to stick to them, so consider using slightly heavier materials when designing and making bookmarks. Of course, charms can also be attached to string or ribbon bookmarks.



4. Metal bookmark


Metal bookmarks are very durable. It's relatively thin, but not so sharp. It's important that if you use metal, the corners of the bookmark should be rounded rather than sharpened to ensure safety.


Part of what makes these types of bookmarks so attractive is that they can be embossed with any kind of message. Another reason they are so popular is that they can last for a long time, even many years.


5. Embroidered bookmarks


Embroidered bookmarks are beautiful and durable. They are usually thick compared to regular bookmarks, but their tricks are the same.


These types of bookmarks can also be engraved with personal notes, even personal designs or symbols. Thickness and materials remind people of beautiful carpets, which is cool. The color can be vivid or dark. The choice depends on the buyer.


These are just some of the types of bookmarks, those that we think are available are impressive. All that remains to do is choose the type that best suits your needs. Hope this list helps make the decision easier.


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