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How To Make Unique metal Bookmarks?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 12-28-2019      Origin: Site


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Whether you are reading the best-selling books that have recently been on the list, paying attention to the recent livelihood news, or reading classic books by yourself. Everyone who loves collecting books is bound to need one thing: bookmarks. It's as amazing as the books being read. Let's use your creativity to incorporate your style into custom bookmarks.

Of course, you can also mark the pages with a receipt from the mall, an envelope you just received, or a postcard you bought. But we still recommend custom bookmarks. why? Because that's too boring.Why not choose to customize your own, or your own, custom bookmarks with you (or your customers).

Here, I will describe how to customize bookmarks, provide some inspiration for bottlers who want to make personalized bookmarks for their own use, give them to friends and relatives as gifts, and even sell them online.


No matter what form of craft you want to make, whether it needs to be hollowed out or customized shapes by mechanical cutting, metal is the best material for bookmarks. And, if you are going to sell it as a commodity, the texture and solid appearance of metal bookmarks give them a high sensory value-meaning that compared to bookmarks made of other materials that are cheap, the price of metal bookmarks will be On the high side. Please refer to the following examples:


Metal bookmarks are made through corrosion, plating, electrophoresis, polishing, silk screen printing, and wire drawing.Polishing is the use of flexible polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media to modify the surface of the workpiece.Polishing can not improve the dimensional accuracy or geometric accuracy of the bookmark, but to obtain a smooth surface or mirror gloss, silk screen, that is, screen-printed text, icons, etc. The use of special inks double guarantees against fading and fading.


After you have a decision on bookmarks, it's time to decide on the type of design you want. Here are some things to note:


1.Who: Who will use bookmarks? Are you making it for yourself, giving it away as a gift, or selling it as a commodity?

2.Materials: What materials do you want to use? Do the materials you want match the size and design of your bookmarks?

3.Quantity: Do you want to make one style bookmark or multiple styles?

4.Time: How complex is your design and how long does it take to complete?

5.Budget: How much will you spend?



It's time to put your ideas into practice, let us know all the requirements, and we will implement them one by one for you.Corrosion raw material molding gold card size. The whole background color of electrophoresis is added with a layer of anti-oxidation to prevent the color from fading.


"Books are a tool to stimulate imagination," Alan Bennett wrote in the novella "Rare Readers." Should bookmarks be creative and interesting enough to stimulate imagination?


Hopefully by now, you have been inspired to bookmark it and sell it or never give it away. May you and your customers always get a good book and equally great bookmarks to keep your pages.


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