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How To Wear A Tie Clip?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 12-18-2019      Origin: Site


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The tie clip is a small tool that can keep your tie where it should be in the storm. This gadget can add a lot of charm to your dress, but only if you wear it properly. For anyone, knowing how to properly wear a tie clip is a simple but important piece of knowledge. Tie clips have recently gained popularity and are highly welcome! Nevertheless, there are some basic rules for wearing a tie clip to make sure it works properly. Below I will introduce how to properly wear a tie clip.


Don't clip a tie clip in the wrong place! Location is the soul of the tie clip, everything! If it is clamped too high, it will lose the meaning of clamping the tie clip. The best position is between the third and fourth buttons on the shirt. And don't ignore the angle of the tie clip, it should be perpendicular to the tie.


Please make sure that the size of the tie clip is suitable for your tie. For example, when a tie is only two inches wide, don't wear a tie clip that is two and a half inches wide. This can make you look very strange. According to experience, the size of the tie clip should be optimal at four-thirds of the corresponding tie.



I see too many people wearing it purely as an adornment without attaching it to the shirt placket.


Step 1: Place the tie clip at four-thirds of the tie

Step 2: Slide the tie into the gap and release the buckle

Step 3: Check

Step 4: Appreciate how well your tie fits your clothing

Tip: If you look down at the tie, your perspective seems to "shorten" the actual effect. Therefore, you'd better watch in front of the mirror.



A tie can be worn as a stylish embellishment, but it doesn't really exist just for display. It shows its potential by halving the tie. Another important issue to consider when wearing a tie clip is the outfit you are wearing that day. It is a good decision to insist on using the same metal texture to decorate your wrists or fingers to achieve a unified and harmonious appearance. Try to stay away from the colorful tie clips, they look too cheesy, take them out of your closet.


Don't try to tie a tie clip to a vest, cardigan, or similar. why? Don't forget that the function of the tie clip is to hold down the tie. If the tie clip is clamped on other clothes, it may become a lethal weapon.


Now that you have learnt more like a professional, if you wear a tie clip properly, come to Jiabo to customize a professional tie clip you want!


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