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How are trophies made?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 12-21-2019      Origin: Site


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1.Structural composition of trophy

People usually think of the trophy as a complete whole, but on the contrary, its design is composed of different parts and final assembly. First of all, the base is a mailing for the existence of the entire trophy. It can have many materials, including plastic, marble, and wood. But considering the total weight of the trophy, we usually choose plastic and then disguise it as marble or wood. Bases are generally categorized as crescent, sculpted, tiered, or a specialty form. Next is the main part of the trophy, which can be formed by several statuettes, or it can be a complete whole. The material is usually ordinary metal, imitation marble or wood. Next is the riser, which is a small decorative new element of the trophy, linking the base and the main body.



2.Production steps

A large trophy maker divides the process of designing a trophy into four parts: communicate with customers, brainstorm ideas after understanding the design needs, and do some graphic design based on experience. First, the business unit talks to consumers. They collect information about which designs are more popular and work with artists to make design changes. Customer needs do not reflect ideas such as the current catalog. Collect customer opinions through market research and group discussions. Gome will then submit the final design based on these requirements. A mature trophy design team includes salespersons, designers, mold engravers, and factory front-line staff. A team of these people can make any custom trophy you want.


3.Trophy at the factory

Once the design is approved by the customer, the factory will start drawing the mold and engraving the mold. If the trophy's parts are not machined (for example, a Mylar base or trim), use a flat plate. Choose the right material for the trophy based on its durability and its intended effect on the trophy, such as support or decoration. Workers then determine the appearance, manufacturing difficulty, public welfare needs, durability, and decoration of the trophy. If any of these are problematic, the production of the trophy will fail. Eventually production can begin.




We have the most professional staff to regularly inspect, clean and maintain various precision machinery to ensure the production of accurate and high-quality parts. From metal to plastic, all materials are rigorously inspected and approved at the factory. After the final assembly of the trophy is completed, inspectors will inspect it when they leave the factory to ensure that the product fully meets the design and requirements.


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