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How many types of trophy are there?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 12-12-2019      Origin: Site


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There are many types of trophies, and many people who have bought custom trophies should have the same experience. There are so many types of trophies that they become a burden on the buyer, and many people lose in the selection of trophies. So, how to narrow down the choice of trophy and finally choose the trophy or trophy you want? First, we list the options that can be selected.


In Jiabo Crafts, we are in need of various custom trophies every day. Our company provides services to individuals or businesses in various parts of the world. Throughout our 10-year history of making trophies, we have been working hard to become an authority on medals and trophies respected by guests from all countries and continue to lead the industry forward.


In our decades of operation, we have designed a wide range of products. These custom products are unique and praised for their beauty and high quality. You can see them in our product reviews. The multiple trophies you can expect from us include:


1.Cup trophies: The most common type of metal trophy.

2.Resin trophies: Resin Awards are a popular choice in today's market with their durability and weight. Unlike traditional engraved trophies these unique awards are made of cast resin and offer unique designs not seen elsewhere.

3.Acrylic trophies: Crystal trophy is a symbol of noble purity, often used in government and business awards.

4.Wooden trophies: The style of the wooden trophy is more mature and stable, as well as a sense of history.

5.Glass and marble trophies: Marble Glass Awards accented with marble make a very nice combination for any marble glass award presentation including employee awards, associate awards, sales awards and more.

6.Crystal and 3D crystal trophies: 3D laser engraved crystals make wonderful corporate gifts, recognition awards, promotional pieces and keepsakes.

And so on;

Enjoy More Value for Money from Jiabo Crafts.



When you buy our trophies and medals, you can be assured of our quality and price. Thanks to the productivity we have cultivated over the years, we can offer you competitive low prices and save you a lot of money. This allows our customers to often maintain long-term cooperation with us, complete more than one order, and provide the best trophies.


In addition to providing trophies, as a crafts company we can also provide many other products, services and solutions. Such as medals, keychains, commemorative coins, commemorative plates and so on. Our company brings a wealth of experience, technology and resources to the craft industry, allowing us to design and produce our products delicately, so that you can expect many other services we provide. We also specialize in thermal transfer, silk screen, printing and other technologies, make lanyards for medals, and continue to promote innovation. Contact us today to learn more about our different trophies!


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