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How much does it cost to make a medal?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 08-28-2019      Origin: Site


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Medal price = mold fee + unit price * quantity, the price ranges from a few dollars to tens of dollars, according to the budget, recommended materials, process tailored, the price depends on the material, size, process, quantity and so on. How much is the specific medal making and how is the production process? Let's take a look at it with me.


1.Medal material

When it comes to custom high-end medallions, the first thing to consider is the material for making medals. Here, we don't talk about precious metals such as gold and silver, because gold and silver are not commonly used materials for medallions. Copper, especially red copper, is the material of choice for high-end medallions. The copper material is soft and the surface is easy to form a variety of medal design patterns. In addition, the copper material also has good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, castability and excellent mechanical properties, making it the material of choice for high-end medallions. Zinc alloy is one of the most commonly used medallion materials. It is low in price but low in melting point, good in fluidity, easy to weld, brazed and plastically processed. It is resistant to corrosion in the atmosphere and the residual waste is easy to recycle and remelt.


2.Medal making process

The production of medallions is also one of the key factors in the cost of awards. In general, all high-end products, the production process will be more complicated, and the price is more expensive in the issue of how much money is made. The craftsmanship is one of the most complicated crafts in medal making. Therefore, the decorations are real high-end medallions. Because the imitation craftsmanship is similar, the imitation medallions can also be regarded as high-end decorations. Printing medals, biting medallions, Epoxy decorations, and paint medals are relatively simple and can only be regarded as ordinary rewards. In particular, medallions made of iron or alloy are especially suitable for customers with special price requirements.


3.Medal design and packaging

A real high-end award must be designed with reasonable and high standards. In terms of accessories, high-end accessories are generally used, such as safety pins, round head high cards, etc., medal packaging, etc. will use high-grade wooden boxes, flocking boxes and so on. Of course, the use of accessories depends on the purpose of the medallion.


Finally, when the medal design is customized and the metal awards are customized, occasionally, the medal design customization becomes the design customization of the reward front, and the energy is placed on the beauty and fineness of the decoration front pattern, and the medal back is ignored. Design customization. To produce a complete medallion, the first is a medium-to-high-end award. The design of the back of the medallion is also important. The perfect and high quality of the back of the medallion is equally important.


The above is the information about how much money is made in the medallions. I want to customize the processing of gold and silver coins/gold and silver bars/gold and silver plates, make medallions, customize big bronze medallions, make commemorative coins, sterling silver medals, custom rewards, silver decorations, and contact Our company. The company accepts major corporate/government/finance/electricity/education industries and enterprises and institutions to commemorate custom awards for major events, large-scale projects to commemorate custom gold and silver awards, anniversary custom gold and silver medallions.


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