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How to choose a suitable medal?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 09-06-2019      Origin: Site


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1.Select medals by material classification

At present, the market circulation of medallions can be generally divided into five categories: Classified by material: copper, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, resin, plastic, wood, crystal.

Choice Tip: Because the material and quantity are different, the quality of the trophy is high, the price is high, the price is high, the variety is rare, or the price is high. You can filter according to your psychological price.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of various materials: copper and alloy materials have texture, but because of the general mold cost, the production cycle is long, the price is expensive; the crystal is crystal clear, but it is not easy to be carried over long distance; the resin is rich in color, but lacks weight. Because of its cheap price, it is convenient and safe to carry, and it is more suitable for the primary and middle school students and the awards.


2.Select medals by shape

The size of the medals is mainly based on international models, and there are also individual medallions designed according to the harvest, victory, advancement, upward or star shape in the traditional cultural meaning of each country.

Choose a tip: After deciding on the material, choose the variety that is close to your award or preference.


3. Choose medals according to specific awards (such as: Charity Love Award, Fengyun People Award, New Star Award, etc.)

Select Tip: Select this custom medal to leave time for mold proofing, or choose someone else to make a custom prize with the same award. Or improve and optimize in an existing variety, in which the mold and other additional costs, the salesman to give you the appropriate cost range, follow-up service.

Customized products need to be clear in detail and provide the necessary materials so that both parties know the purpose and product process.


4. Choose medals according to sports awards (such as: golf, swimming, basketball and other items have exclusive trophies)

Choice Tips: These medals are generally available in existing styles, and do not have to be customized. If the appropriate style is not selected on our website, You can consult a salesman or provide a picture, but the production time will be longer, there is no other concern, because it is a mature variety.


5.Customized medals according to customer's intention (such as: Chinese film Golden Rooster Award, a city sculpture or figure modeling, company logo for the theme custom trophy)

Selection Tip: Please provide the design drawings and materials first for such products. We will give a reply after careful analysis. 1. The reason why we can't produce is generally: the quantity is too small, it does not meet the number of machines on the mold; the process can't be realized, the material and effect are up. Not too many other uncertainties.2. The price is too high and the parties have not reached an intention.


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