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How to custom Commemorative coins?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 09-25-2019      Origin: Site


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Many companies, organizations and clubs are looking for innovative ways to use custom commemorative coins. From the company's efforts to improve employee morale to rock concert souvenirs, we see new order cases every day, and we are developing newer and more detailed techniques to support them. Although we can produce small and round coins without color - you can make any size and shape you want, and you can choose unlimited colors, and you can choose a variety of patterns and edges. Jiabo crafts' craftsmanship and experience make the best custom coins in the industry.


Whether it's an official squadron coin, a Commander's coin, or a bottle opener; we have a team of talented artists available to create your custom commemorative coin. Our design services are always free of charge with no obligation.


commemorative coins

1.Contact Us

Start the process of creating your commemorative coins by sending us an email at info@aviatorgear.com or by using the Request a coin Quote link on our website. Try to include the following details:

Diameter of coin or any special shape.

A rough idea of the quantity that you plan to order.

Sketches or draft artwork and a brief description of your design ideas.

Special requests; such as edging, engraved names, or consecutive numbering.

Your designer will get back to you within 24 hours to begin the design process.


2.Artwork And Revisions

We should be able to provide a draft of the design drawings within 3-5 days for you to review and provide feedback and revisions. Be sure to double check all spelling, color and images on the commemorative coins. The person who knows the best about product room design is always you, so your inspection is very important. Small errors are the hardest to find, and you can also have several different people check it out, which will be very helpful. Send all feedback feedback back to us via email or WhatsApp and we will make adjustments. Each revision will take 1-2 days to complete.


3.Placing Your Order

Once the design is complete, we will send you a quote and payment link, and you can complete the payment by various payment methods as prompted. You can send us a message, provide your payment information or use our secure payment link. We accept all major credit cards PayPal.


commemorative coins

4.Coin Production

If this is your initial order, it will take about 7 days to make the mold for the commemorative coins. After the mold is completed, the production will take about 15 days (the production time will be affected by the quantity of your product demand). Your coin mold will be archived for your next order.



Your coins will be shipped by calculation of the best courier. Different countries require different delivery times. We will provide you with reference time in advance according to the actual situation. We will also send the courier number of your order so that you can monitor the shipment all the way.


6.Fast And Easy Reorders

We will upload your commemorative coin design to our website for reordering. You can re-contact us at any time to order an old or new commemorative coin.

commemorative coins

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