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Several common styles of bottle openers

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 03-25-2020      Origin: Site


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A bottle opener is a device that helps people remove metal caps from glass bottles. More generally, it can be considered to include a corkscrew for removing a cork or plastic stopper from a wine bottle.


The metal bottle cap is secured to the edge of the neck by pleating or pleating the edges. The bottle opener uses the principle of a lever, which is inserted under the pleated metal product. The lever uses a point on the bottle cap as a pivot to lift the bottle cap.

There are several different designs of this bottle opener. Wall-mounted corkscrews are commonly used in places like bars, while manual corkscrews are more commonly found and used in home environments. The functional elements of the bottle opener (can catch the pleats or folds on the bottom of the bottle cap, and the force will move the fulcrum of the bottle cap, usually a lever with mechanical advantages) Although it can vary, it is often consistent in design and aesthetic on.



1. Cork corkscrew

Invented at the same time as the cork, it is the most original corkscrew. At the same time, in addition to being easy to carry, it can also be used as a fixing device on a vertical surface. It also usually comes with a tray for grabbing the caps.


The simplest can opener is a piece of metal with a rectangular or circular opening at one end, and the handle below is large and sturdy enough to be held between the thumb and index finger at the other end. The opening lip is located below the edge of the bottle cap, and when an upward force is applied to the handle end of the bottle opener, the bottle cap is pulled out.


2. Quick opener ("bar blade")

The quick opener is a flat steel blade, about 4 cm wide and 16 cm long, with a thumb hole at one end and a cut-out for opening the bottle to remove the sealed bottle cap from the bottle. They are named after "Quick Opener", "popper", "mamba", "bar key" and the most popular "bar blade". The thumb hole can be used to pull the bottle out of the ice cube. To use, place it over the neck of the bottle, and then lift the bottle easily. Quick openers are widely used by professional bartenders in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Put it in your pocket or zip it up, it's convenient and fast for modern bartenders. The biggest advantage is that compared to other types of bottle openers, it is easy to open multiple bottles quickly and continuously, and it is lighter. Therefore, 'bar blading' is often part of bar flair routines.



3. Wall-mounted

Wall-mounted bottle opener with magnet for closing the lid.

In addition to the feature of fixing it on the wall, its working principle and the way of changing the lever are still the same, which makes opening the bottle easier and it can be done with one hand. Bottle caps fall into the bottle cap collector installed under the opener, or they can be removed from the bottle and retrieved. We can see the bottle opener installed on the old vending machine is similar to this type of opener.


4. Open more doors

These corkscrews are also commonly referred to as beverage corkscrews, and include simple corkscrew-style corkscrews, as well as various other types of corkscrews, such as corkscrews designed specifically for plastic or metal beverage cans .


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