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Styles Of Keychains We Can Made for You.

Author: Crimble     Publish Time: 06-22-2024      Origin: Site


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We can custom many styles of keychain for customers.

Here are many styles of keychians we can customized. If categorized by material are :

Metal keychain (Zinc alloy of enamel effect)


Stainless steel keychain


Leather keychain


If categorized by design styles are:

Car keychain


Rotating keychain


Letter keychain


Room tag keychain


Opener keychain

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For different style keychain we have different production process,but the overall process is still similar.

For example,most of customers will custom zinc alloy keychain with soft enamel effect,then its the production process:

1- You show us your logo or design,

2- We show you some similar production we made before for you reference,

3- Draw a 2D artwork for you confirmation,

4- After confirmation we start the 3D mold design carving,

5- Confirming again with 3D mold design then starting the keychain production,

6- Finish production show you a picture or video confirmation before shipping,

7- After confirming we ship for you by air or sea,

8- You received the cool keychain we made : )

So if you have any design or logo, as far as possible to send us, we will have a professional design team and production team, will provide you with the most suitable program, and produce the most favorable and best-looking products to you 

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Email : info@jiabocrafts.com

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   +86 19558121024

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