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The Origin and Development of Medals

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In order to promote cultural integration, sports are often held, when medals appear and play the role of remembrance and recollection. Do you know the origin and history of medals

Now let's get to know it!

First attested in English in 1578, the word medalis derived from the Middle French médaille, itself from Italian medaglia, and ultimately from the post-classical Latin medalia, meaning a coin worth half a denarius. And then, it developed into what we call the medal.

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History of Olympic MEDALS

1) At the first Olympic Games in Athens in 1896

The champion was a silver medal, the runner-up was a bronze medal, and the third place was not awarded.

On the obverse, the first Olympic medal features the head of Zeus, the god of Greek mythology. Zeus holds the earth in his hand, on which stands the Greek goddess of victory, Olympia in Greek.


2) The second session of Olympic Games in Paris in 1900

The Olympic MEDALS from circular to rectangular shape. The obverse of a lift on the wings of the goddess of victory arms, hands holding laurel corolla, background designs for the Paris world exposition The scenery and the posters. The back for an Olympic medal winner on the podium, his right arm held high, hands holding laurel corolla, background designs for the stadium and the acropolis.


3) 1904 the 3rd st Louis (USA) Olympic Games

MEDALS and restore the circular shape, has been used up to now.


Olympic Games

4) 1928 the 9th Amsterdam Olympic Games

The birth of a classic medal.

On the right side of the medal is engraved with the year of the Olympic Games and the place where the games will be held. In the background is a picture of the Colosseum. On the back is a picture of an Olympic champion surrounded by the crowd In a joyous scene. In the background is the Olympic stadium.

The image was designed by Florentine artist giuseppe cascioli and has been used since the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

5) From 1928 to 1968, the Olympic Games medal back pattern has been followed by the 1928 design.

The 28th Athens Olympic Games in 2004, the Olympic MEDALS positive pattern is the first time since 1928 to modify, to reflect the origin and characteristic of Renaissance to Greece. On this new classic medal goddess victory to sit to stand, and plug in the wings The medal is composed of three parts: the flame, ancient Greece and Athens Olympic Games emblem.

The design of the MEDALS at the Athens games has been well received, and the positive design has become the uniform design of the ioc.


6) 2008 Olympic medal diameter is 70 mm, 6 mm thick.

The obverse as watercolor prescribed by the international Olympic committee (ioc) pattern, the Greek goddess of victory wings stand and Greece, panna cinnamon arena. On the reverse inlaid with jade from China's Ancient jade dragon pattern, the back is engraved on the metal graphic Beijing Olympic Games emblem. Medal hook by traditional Chinese jade ssangyong PuWenHuang descended. The MEDALS the elegant, full-bodied, with Chinese characteristics of the embodiment of praise, and image interpretation of The Chinese nation since ancient times to the values of "jade" than "DE", is the Chinese civilization and the Olympic spirit in the north The Beijing Olympic Games image landscape project is another "combination of Chinese and western".


Olympic medal

7) 2012 London Olympic medal designed by British artist David Watkins, a medal is 85 mm in diameter, weighing up to 400 grams, the weight significantly higher than in the past most Olympic MEDALS, the medal engraved with the Greek goddess Nike, kisses on the Olympics host city and host the year 2012, London rings.

The center of the medal engraved with "2012 mark" London Olympic Games, and crisscrossed by line, it is said that the symbol of the city of London pulse, and in the center of The MEDALS and a winding river Thames.

As you can see, the Olympic medals have become more and more complex, and the meaning of the Olympic medals has become more and more meaningful. In the future, the medal design is bound to become more delicate and meaningful.

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