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The advantage of metal bookmarks?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 11-22-2019      Origin: Site


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Metal bookmarks cover the world, opening the door to a culture, elegant and sophisticated. A small piece of foil completely enhances our reading experience. It's not just a bookmark for page numbers. It was created to preserve exactly the memory between the lines in the word, and the user only needs to remember the trilogy: 1. Find important paragraphs and use bookmarks to mark them. 2. With the quick and accurate return to the night and the line when the book was closed. 3. While enjoying the fun of reading, it also protects the book.


In the traditional sense, metal bookmarks are made of brass and stainless steel as metal materials. They are designed, engraved, corroded, plated, packaged, etc., and are subjected to strict quality inspection. A guarantee of all kinds of high quality products. A quality reading assistant refined through these procedures.



Metallic bookmarks are not only practical, aesthetic, and collectible. Each bookmark has a designer's unique design concept to focus on each bookmark, giving each bookmark its own soul. The culture of bookmarks has a long history since the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. It has precipitated the wisdom of the ancients and has more love for future generations. In the leisure time, make a cup of tea, sit under the tree shadow, look at the lines between the words, read tired, read the beautiful bookmarks, can help the readers to ease the


In the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, bookmarks were called "toothpicks" and were made of bamboo. Every time a reader sees a very important place in the scroll, he inserts a "toothpick" at one end of it to facilitate later review. Readers, books that are rarely read frequently, are called "not toothpicks." After the scroll book was developed into a folding, the use of the "toothpick" was even broader. It is made from thin slices of bovine bone and is also useful for thick cardboard. A little more elegant, there is also a layer of patterned enamel on the cardboard. After the Song Dynasty, the readers became more and more particular about the "toothpick" and liked to write some mottos or verses on the "toothpick". Since then, the "toothpick" has become a "bookmark."



Exquisite metal bookmarks are new. Breaking the traditional paper bookmarks and bamboo bookmarks, there is more metal texture, and more and more forms appear in front of everyone. Reuse of nausea is becoming more and more widespread. The graduation season, the beginning of the new school season, birthday surprises, teacher's day gifts, holiday blessings, the scope is expanded to everywhere. No exquisite bookmarks carry the feelings of each reader on the book, and every reading has given the reader a deep impression.


Contact us today to create a unique metal bookmark that belongs to you only!


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