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Usage of bottle opener

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 04-16-2020      Origin: Site


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In the complicated wine world, there are many fine wines like stars. Even the bottle opener, which is used to open that bottle of fragrant wine, has various styles. Here is a brief introduction of several commonly used household bottle openers and methods of use.


1. Screw bottle opener


It is also a common bottle opener. His structure is quite simple, with only three parts: (1) rotating handle, (2) auger, (3) external rotatable sleeve of auger. The opening principle of the bottle is different from the lever principle. It uses the reverse torsion force of the hand to unscrew the cork. The specific operations are as follows:


1) Put the bottle opener in the middle of the bottle opening;


2) Screw the handle at the top of the bottle opener to drill the screw plug into the cork clockwise. Pay attention to keep the auger running vertically, and do not penetrate the cork;


3) Hold the rotating sleeve of bottle opener by hand, turn it anticlockwise in the opposite

4) direction of auger drilling, until the cork is completely screwed out.                                                                                                                                                                                   


2. Butterfly bottle opener


Butterfly shaped bottle opener improves the disadvantage of traditional bottle opener which is more laborious in use. Based on the lever principle of physics, the shape with two arms is designed, which is like a butterfly dancing with wings. It is easy to use and less laborious. The specific operations are as follows:


1)  First, align the bottle opener with the central position of the opened wine bottle mouth;


2) Turn the handle on the top of the bottle opener to drill the screw plug into the cork. Take care to keep the auger running vertically and not through the cork. At this time, the handles on both sides will open more and more because of the running in of the auger;


3) Close to the bottom of the cork, open the two wings of the bottle opener, press down the two wings with both hands, and then open the cork.



3. Seahorse bottle opener

This is the most widely used bottle opener among wine professionals. It's compact, versatile and easy to carry. So the bartenders in hotels, restaurants and bars use this kind of bottle opener, so it has another nickname: "Friends of bartenders". Seahorse knife has many functions. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and medium carbon steel. It is composed of 2 stem, screw drill and serrated knife. It looks like a seahorse.


1) When using seahorse knife to open the wine bottle, first use a small serrated knife to cut the rubber cap; then cut off the wine rubber cap smoothly.


2) Screw the tip of the auger into the center of the cork; then stand the auger and slowly rotate it clockwise into the cork.


3) Use the lever principle to block the bottle mouth, use the first level to lift the cork, and then use the second level to lift the cork.


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