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What Are Medals Made Out Of?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 08-12-2019      Origin: Site


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"What are medals made out of?"This is a question that we all think we know, and we don't usually mention it in our daily life. In general, medals are proof of the winners of various competitions, usually made of metal. But The answer is not as simple and straightforward as you might think.


1. Etymology 

“Medal”first appeared in English in 1578. It comes from médaille in Middle French, itself from Italian medaglia, and ultimately from post-classical Latin medalia, which means a coin worth half a silver coin. . There are two theories about the etymology of the word medalia: the first is that the Latin medalia itself comes from the adjective medialis, meaning "medial" or "middle"; the second is medaglia from the common Latin metal (moneta), meaning " Metal (coin)".


2. Definition


The medal is a small piece of art, usually with a thin metal plate and an independent design on either side of the metal plate. They are usually commemorative or given as rewards to others. They can hang on clothes or jewelry, and people wear it as a honour on their neck.

A medal is an affirmation and recognition given to an individual or organization as an achievement in science, culture, military, sports, academic or other fields. For some countries, military medallions or decorations are more precise terms. Medals can also be sold as souvenirs to commemorate a particular person or event, or simply as a work of art itself.


3. Features


Mold is an important part of medal making. Traditionally, the medallions are made of solid metal (iron) as the material of our mold. The molds used are composed of two faces (two parts). The production of the mold will go through the process of preparing iron, mold carving, quenching, pulse, lighting and so on. Round medallions are more common, while rectangular medals are often referred to as plaquettes. Decorative type medallions often use more specific shapes, such as crosses and stars.

The medal consists of two sides, the front and the back. The front side can contain a series of images such as portraits, images, scenes, and inscriptions. Medals are usually not as complicated as the front, and can be left blank or made into a simple secondary design. Mottos, secret marks, engraving symbols, etc. are often found on the edge of medals, and other products always show important information in the middle of the product.




Copper is called the most common medal material because of its low price and high durability. At the same time, due to the different requirements for the color, material, shape and value of the medal itself, we will also use more different metals, such as silver, gold, zinc alloy and nickel. Medals made from cheap materials can be silver plated, gold plated, and finished in this or other better ways. Electroplating, baking varnish, enamel, printing, and dispensing are all common methods.

These are the medals I explained from 4 aspects and I hope to help you understand.


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