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What are the features of medals?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 08-30-2019      Origin: Site


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Medals, also known as medallions, are used to recognize organizations or individuals who have made special contributions in many fields, whether in sports, science, academic or military or any other field. In Greek society, the medallion is to celebrate the achievements of athletes.Whether you want a medallion for spiritual, religious or for sporting purpose, the entire idea is to commemorate and to celebrate the victory of someone.


It is a round and flat piece of metal, round awards are the most common shape, and rectangular medals are often called plaquettes. The "decoration" type usually uses other shapes, and crosses and stars are the most popular. This type of medallion usually has a suspension loop for the suspension loop to pass through and a wide ribbon with a clip at the top for hanging around the neck. The belt can be run or folded through the ring, so the decoration can hang down. The suspension loops can be hidden under the ribbon, so they are invisible, are common fixtures for strap attachment, or even decorative, to complement the design on the medallion. medals are formed by engraving or casting or molding or stamping or by special symbols.


The front or main surface of the medal is called "observe", with a patterned scene or portrait or an image, and an inscription at the bottom or top. The back of the decorationl is usually left blank and the surface is usually not used. However, sometimes it also has a small design, and medallions with complicated designs on both sides are also everywhere. The edge of the medal is only occasionally used to display inscriptions such as motto, secret mark, engraving symbol, analyst mark or serial number.


Zinc alloy is the most commonly used medal material because of its low cost, high durability, ease of use during casting, and sufficient availability. Of course, medallions can also use other metals to achieve the desired effect, such as gold, silver and copper, as well as base metals and alloys such as copper, brass, iron, aluminum, lead, zinc, nickel and lead-tin alloys. medals made from cheap materials can be gold-plated, silver-plated, and other ways to improve their appearance. The decorations also add rock, gems, ivory, glass, porcelain, clay, coal, wood, paper, enamel, lacquer and plastic.


Metal decorations have the characteristics of simple and smooth lines, uneven patterns, etc. The surface color process such as baking varnish, enamel and printing can be used to make the products more abundant. Gold and silver medals are the most expensive, followed by copper medals, zinc alloy medals, and iron medals. The original embryo is the first step used to make paint medallions, soft medallions, epoxy medallions, printed medallions, and embossed medallions. It is processed into a richly colored decoration by baking or soft enamel. Metal medals have a strong sense of three-dimensionality and a variety of patterns, which is the most used type of decoration in high-end users. If the color is not made, the award will be made into a concave and concave pattern, and the production period will be shorter, which is suitable for large-scale decoration production.

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