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What are tie clips?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 12-06-2019      Origin: Site


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Tie clips (also tie slide, tie bar, or tie clasp) are decorative accessories for clothes that are usually used with men's formal wear. It is used to clamp the tie in front of the shirt to prevent it from swinging freely to ensure that the tie is hanging straight, so that the whole stays neat and tidy.


1.Tie clip history

Tie clips are usually made of metal. The shape of the tie clips can be varied and customized. Many clubs like to say that their logo is engraved on it, and then worn by members to show their affiliation. There are also many tie clips of monumental significance, or tie clips commonly used by companies. In the 1920s, tie clips became a trend and became more and more popular. During this period, straight tie made of silk was also affected and became very popular.


In the United States, tie clips are one of the few jewels that military and women can wear.


tie clip

2.The composition of a tie clip

Tie clips are men's jewelry used to secure a tie to a shirt underneath. Tie clips usually have a mounting spring at one end to provide tension and can slide horizontally on the tie for safety. The front of the tie clip can be flat or decorated with small or semi-precious stones. Some tie clips are custom designed with a company or club logo, or other logos engraved by the wearer.


Tie clips should not be confused with other fasteners, such as pins or tie clasps. The pins and backing of the tie pin are designed much like earrings, as well as chains, which are fastened through the buttonholes of men's shirts. The tying needle must pass through the fabric to secure it firmly. Over time, this penetration can damage the expensive materials commonly used in cable ties. Tie clips can be worn through shirts and ties without penetrating clothing. The tension of the spring clip is usually light enough to prevent damage to the fabric.


tie clip2

3.The role of the tie clip

The tie clip not only plays a decorative role, but also plays a very important functional role. Men's ties are designed to cover the buttons of a formal shirt and provide contrast and fun. Fashion experts suggest that choosing the right tie can convey a wearer's personality. Unfortunately, the world's most expensive silk tie cannot compete with wind and gravity. A burst of fast air can insert a weak tie into a shredder or other machine. Place a tie clip about two-thirds of the way in front of the tie to keep the tie secure in most cases.


In recent years, decorative tie clips have become a popular gift for shoppers with limited budgets. There are usually a variety of styles available, and one size does fit all ties. Several tie owners should also buy functional tie clips for daily activities and invest in some high-end tie clips for formal events. Many times, tie clips are sold with matching cufflinks.


4.Jiabo and tie clip

Our company has been dedicated to the customization of tie clips for more than ten years, during which period we have provided countless high-quality products to customers from various countries. As a member of the craft industry, we are honored to serve you.


tie clip3

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