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What do medals at graduation mean?

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Graduation medals are most commonly used for graduates who are graduating and are established for students who complete their studies at each grade level. Graduation medals will mean the end of their studies at this stage to commemorate the achievements of the students. Schools generally recognize first and second students (valedictorian and salutatorian) in the classroom and provide general honors and recognition for students who receive high marks among graduates (honor medals). Also, Graduation medals are a $5,000 award to those people who display an outstanding commitment to both its larger community and the University. The Graduation medallion recognizes "scholar-citizen" who combine academic expertise with social awareness. The school will announce the winners in the spring. For example, the University of Wisconsin Graduate Scholarship Foundation has established a scholarship to provide annual gift support to outstanding university alumni.


Graduation is an important milestone in student life. Therefore, graduates can get the graduation medallion to become their goal of perseverance, dedication, hard work and ultimate success. These graduation medallions are made up of shiny bronze materials and personalized carvings that clearly identify the graduates, Salutatorian and Valedictorian, providing lasting glory for the struggle and success of the graduates. By choosing the Graduation medal from Jiabocrafts, you can reward your special graduate with the best graduation medallions at a very low price.


1.Graduation medals in Australia

In Australia, university medals are usually awarded on the basis of academic achievement after the student completes the honours degree. The criteria for awarding a university medal are very strict and the number of awards may be limited. For example, the University of New South Wales's award policy states: “Only in exceptional circumstances, there will be more than one specific professional medallion.” The usual standard is that all subjects score high in 4 years. In some universities, university medals are considered as independent departments or categories of honorary degrees ("first class honors and university medallions").


2.Graduation medals in Sri Lanka

Awards are awarded at universities in Sri Lanka to commemorate the appointment of senior faculty members at the annual meeting for those who have achieved academic results.


3.Graduation medals in United States

University medals are usually awarded to the most outstanding undergraduate students at graduation. In addition to rigorous academic standards, students can also judge based on extracurricular activities, publications, and other qualities.


Our in-house team can design any graduation medallion design you want. Make your graduation souvenirs different from cheap universal awards and honors.

We can include images that are unique to your school or university, such as logos or landmarks.

It can include the name of your school and the year of the start of the school to make your medal unique.

You can choose from a variety of ribbon colors to match the school's color or to indicate a specific level of honor.

Our mold making process produces outstanding images compared to cast parts. When your design contains very complex and detailed artwork, we will also make it perfect for you.

Our team will work with you to create designs that will approve production in a timely manner.

A high-quality custom graduation medal helps to develop students' positive feelings about the school and increases their chances of transitioning to alumni donors.

Each customized product is manufactured and monitored by the company, and its quality exceeds that of other competitors.

The Graduation medal, together with the diploma and the degree certificate, earned their place as a precious souvenir at the start of the ceremony. Contact us to discuss how your school adds some lessons to this chapter of the student's educational journey.

Graduation medal

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