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What do medals symbolize?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 08-19-2019      Origin: Site


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As if from the student era, as long as we have received any honor, we will generally receive the corresponding medallions. Until now we work, every time the company ends, it will also send a trophy as an encouragement. Even Olympic champions, medallions are the best reward for their hard work for so many years, and they are a symbol of personal and national glory. Hanging the medal in the window of the house is also a decoration.


The competition is not just about technology, it's more mentality. Attitude towards sports and life. What does each medal mean for you? Many athletes have gradually become awards. After the game, the medals and collection decorations have become an inalienable hobby. For many people who practice sports, collecting, placing, and exhibiting medallion is not a show-off, but a glory of their own life.


1. Medal is a voucher to challenge yourself

Every kilometer is hard to stick to.

The sweat on my body, the heavy medals, and the texture of the teeth biting make us really feel that I am more than complete! You are the brave who conquered it.

Practicing sports is not conquered by a bloody blood. A race with a strong enemy is not well controlled, so why control your own life. Successfully challenging a game like a master is a perfect embodiment of your own self-control. 


2. Medal is a medal for the loner

Practicing sports is a lonely sport. A person trained silently, leaving behind the shouts and screams behind him. Every time you bleed, you can only know what you are doing. The suffering you have suffered, the sweat you have flowed, the wind you have passed, all this, the medal will give you comfort, and the medal will prove it.


3. Medal is a symbol of strength

Yes, I can!

I can stick to it.

Challenge yourself and fight alone.

I have the strength to conquer with my footsteps.

Commit yourself to your own things and stick to it. You have done it.

medallions are the best compliments to your unwavering perseverance and are the best testimony to our strength.


4. Medals are a different collection hobby

Really someone is a medal collector. But it is not as simple as collecting stamps and collecting coins. Collecting requires you to pay for physical, time, energy, physical and mental suffering. If you collect a lot, it is also awesome.

There are tears in the medallions, tears, laughter, and sweat and tears. The results of all the way through the thorns are the best testimony to your laughter after successful, and it is the spirit of solidification. Awards are not a show, but a glory of a lifetime.


5.The Symbolize of Beijing olympic medals

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games medals are 70 mm in diameter and 6 mm thick. The medals are on the front of the International Olympic Committee's uniform pattern - the Greek goddess of victory and the Panathinaiko Arena in Greece. The back of the medallion is inlaid with the jade from the ancient Chinese dragon-shaped jade, and the metal figure on the back is engraved with the emblem of the Beijing Olympic Games. The decoration hook is evolved from the traditional Chinese jade Shuanglong Puyi. The whole medal is distinguished and elegant, and the Chinese characteristics are rich. It not only reflects the appreciation of the winner, but also explains the Chinese nation's "Jade" Pontiac since ancient times. It is another time in the image and landscape project of the Beijing Olympic Games. Chinese and Western combined."


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