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What is a Bookmark?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 11-14-2019      Origin: Site


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Because metal bookmarks break the traditional paper bookmarks, there is more metal texture, which is used more and more widely as gifts and collectibles.Incorporate your creativity and personal style into your custom bookmarks. Whether you're reading the New York Times bestsellers frantically, focusing on the latest business trends or reading classic books, every collector needs to do one thing: bookmarks are as impressive as the books being read.


Of course, you can use the receipts from today's lunch, the envelopes on the bill you just opened, and even the magazine to renew the postcards to mark the page. But why don't we recommend you do this? Because it is too boring!


Why not choose a more unique bookmark!



A bookmark is a very thin mark, usually made of cardboard, leather or metal. The reader is used as a marker in the book, so that people can quickly and easily find the last reading position when they open the book next time. Other commonly used materials for bookmarks are paper, metal, such as silver and brass, and also bookmarks made of silk, wood, cloth, and plastic.


Exquisite metal bookmarks are new. Breaking the traditional paper bookmarks, more of a metal texture, with more and more forms appearing in front of everyone. The scope of use is getting wider and wider. Graduation season, the beginning of the new school season, birthday surprises, teacher's day gifts, holiday blessings, the scope is extended to everywhere, each exquisite bookmark carries a feeling of love for the book, each time the reading is given to the reader Deep impression.



By corrosion, electroplating, electrophoresis, polishing, silk

Printing, drawing. Corroded raw material forming gold card size. Electroplating electrophoresis The overall background color adds an anti-oxidation oxide layer to prevent fading.

Polishing is the modification of the surface of a workpiece using a flexible polishing tool and abrasive particles or other polishing media. Polishing can not improve the dimensional accuracy or geometric accuracy of the bookmark, but to obtain a smooth surface or mirror gloss, silk screen printing, text, icons, etc., using special inks to ensure that it does not fade, does not fade.

The common process silk screen embossed code makes the gold card more textured. Gold card four-color process: improve the clarity of the gold card, improve the quality of the gold card is more beautiful. The brushed surface of the metal card is more novel, striped, touched and rich in appearance.



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