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What is a trophy?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 11-04-2019      Origin: Site


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The trophy is a big business in the 21st century. Whether it was distributed to the actor at the film awards ceremony or presented to the champion at the end of the sporting event, the trophy clearly shows the achievement. This is the winner. this is the best. This is feasible. The trophy conveys a clear statement that is given to organizations of all ages by various organizations.


Perhaps a dazzling trophy is very popular because we live in the physical world. However, perhaps our fascination with the symbol of achievement is beyond our imagination. After all, we can't think of a time when there is no trophy in life.


This is because when the trophy was first used, no one of us was born. In the last century, our world may have become more and more reward-centered, beginning to recognize that the desire for achievement is an indispensable part of humanity.



1.The road to the trophy goes back to the past

Ancient trophies often take the form of magnificent statues, columns and arches. Stone pillars are especially popular in Rome. After the victory of the battle, the Greek army often used the weapons and armor of the captured opponent to make the trophy. Regardless of their form, these ancient trophies are intended to be dedicated to God.


However, the ancient world will also use smaller trophies. In the original Olympic Games held in Greece, the winners were crowned with olive branches. For us today, this seems ordinary, but in that era it was an important status symbol and only gave the best athletes. After all, those who won the runner-up in the ancient world were simply not eligible for any awards.



2.Great victory in the Middle Ages

You may not have associated the distant Middle Ages with the sparkling trophy, and we won't blame you. However, it is this history that makes the trophy one of the most well-known forms of reward in the world. As early as the 17th century, the Holy Grail was offered to the winners of sports events in the form of two cups. These cup trophies are still popular today and are often used in sailing, horse racing and racing. Of course, the Stanley Cup and the Davis Cup are among the most famous designs of the Holy Grail.


3.Win trophies and awards for modernization

Today, trophies often go back to earlier designs, such as the Holy Grail. Even today, when the modern Olympic Games flourish, their designs often love to use earlier medal designs. Today, there are still two important differences between the trophy and the past trophy. The first is cost. Thanks to the ready-made use of resins, plastics and glass, today's trophies are no longer as expensive as they were a decade ago.

Diversity is the second difference. The design of the trophy in the past may be very simple, but now it is quite different. When it comes to trophies, as long as you can imagine, you can do it. Because of the variety of materials and manufacturing methods, designers can even turn the most abstract imagination into a successful performance. This is what Jiabo is doing here. We are proud to be the makers of the new generation of trophies.


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