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What's the cost of a gold medal?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 08-26-2019      Origin: Site


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Many people have seen the Olympics. The Olympic athletes are eager to win the honor for the country. They must know that they have to work hard for decades after they have won an Olympic gold medal. The energy of the money is also a lot of money. Only when standing on the highest podium is the real success for them. The efforts of these years have finally been in vain.


I believe that many people are very curious. How much is the gold medal in this championship? Every time I see the champions biting the gold medal, I must have thought about whether it would be rich if the gold medallion was sold. In fact, it is indeed in the sports world. There is such a phenomenon of selling gold medallions. Many athletes have been forced to sell their gold medals as training funds, medical expenses, or living expenses after retirement.


In fact, in the ancient Olympic Games, the winning athletes will receive the honor of wearing olive branches. The tradition of awarding medallions began with the 1896 Athens Olympics. The International Olympic Committee has the following provisions for medallions: the diameter must be no less than 60 mm and the thickness should not be less than 3 mm. Gold and silver must use silver with a purity of 92.5% as the main material. And the gold plated gold is not less than 6 grams.


Although some athletes who have won gold medallions will get rich sponsorship to ensure their retirement, most athletes do not have such treatment. Some netizens have ever heard that a gold medal can sell for at least AU$10,000, and some even More than 1 million Australian dollars, but it depends on the environment and the value behind the gold medal.


If you talk about the cost of the gold medal, for example, the gold medallion of the Rio Olympic Games contains 494 grams of silver and 6 grams of gold, with a total weight of 500 grams. The current cost is removed, and the cost of a gold medallion is about 705 dollars.Seeing that a gold medallion is only 6 grams of gold, are you a bit too disgusting that the gold medal is not "pure"? In fact, the gold medallions before 1912 were made of pure gold. The gold medallion in the gold medal at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics was 24 grams, but 24 grams of pure gold! However, the price of gold at that time was cheap, and the cost of a gold medal was only $16. In contrast, the 2012 London Olympic gold medallion can be regarded as expensive, and the cost of a gold medal is 210 pounds (about 4,100 yuan). The cost of the gold inlaid jade of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is about 2,000 yuan.


Speaking of this, do you feel that the Olympic gold medal is "cheap"? Yes, from a cost perspective, it seems that we all have the ability to buy a gold medallion, but in fact, the value of a gold medal can be much more than that.


First, the acquisition of Olympic gold medallions has increased the business value of the athletes themselves. Of course, the value of athletes comes from the strength of the athletes themselves. However, it has to be acknowledged that the Olympic Games is the largest comprehensive sports event in the world. Obtaining an Olympic gold medal is the best expression of the ability and value of each athlete. Therefore, an Olympic gold medal may bring tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of commercial value to athletes.


If you only look at the medallion value for a few dollars, it will be too narrow. After all, each medallion is invaluable. The gold medal contains more sports spirit that is strong, hardworking and hardworking.


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