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Why are refrigerator magnets popular in the world as tourist souvenirs?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 07-08-2020      Origin: Site


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Key rings, mugs, fridge magnets, medallions, small sculptures... The souvenirs of tourist attractions all over the world seem to be similar, but different tourist destinations give these souvenirs a completely different connotation-the same is a fridge magnet, in Singapore , What makes you heart is the Merlion pattern; in Paris, the miniature version of the Eiffel Tower will also make you put it down...


In foreign countries, when it comes to tourist souvenirs (Souvenir), fridge magnets are one of the essential types.

1. What is a fridge magnet?

The so-called refrigerator stickers are small home accessories that are attached to refrigerators or steel and iron materials. In foreign countries, it is used as a reminder for family shopping list, a small magnetic sticker used to permanently inform family members, and is also a very popular souvenir and collectible. Resin, zinc alloy metal, wood, glass, soft glue, etc. can all become the material of refrigerator magnets.


2. What are tourist souvenirs?

In the process of traveling, the physical goods purchased by the tourists in the tourist destination with the regional cultural characteristics and commemorative significance mainly include imitations, replicas, handicrafts, audio-visual products, calligraphy and painting, etc. All kinds of tourist souvenirs reflect the unique cultural connotation of the tourist scenic area, which preserves the commemoration of a pleasant travel experience by tourists, and has certain appreciation value, use value and collection value.

3. What is a carrier

Carrier refers to the carrier of material, information and culture; refers to the object that can transfer energy or carry other substances


What needs to be explained here is that the refrigerator magnet is a very good "carrying thing" for tourist souvenirs.


Most of the time, tourists want to express their mood of "going here" by purchasing tourist souvenirs. This tourist souvenir is a certificate and symbol of local cultural customs; if this product happens to be compact, portable and practical, tourists’ The impulse to buy is a little more.


A tourist souvenir with distinctive local characteristics is not only a "witness" for tourists, but also an extension of the tourist experience. Therefore, "commemorative"> "practical" of tourist souvenirs.


We know that some homogenized souvenirs in scenic spots may come from a small commodity market similar to Yiwu, which lacks practicality and lacks "commemorativeness";


Practicable souvenirs, when its "utility" is consumed, the meaning of "commemoration" is not or discounted. For example, local food is gone after eating, and the mobile phone case is broken. Ink loses the meaning of "pen".


For tourists, when they come to a place without some souvenirs, they always feel that the shortcomings are similar. Tourism always needs memories and feelings. The purpose of tourists buying souvenirs is to attract, remember and collect the culture of a place,


Fridge magnets (resin fridge magnets mentioned here) are exactly the two features that satisfy tourist souvenirs. Moreover, it has strong plasticity and three-dimensional shape, which can be both simple and complex; its low development cost does not mean that it is only suitable for low-end; its size is also the advantage of its portability.


A refrigerator sticker can be as simple as a street sign, a post, a car, a cultural relic;

Fridge magnets can also be as complicated as a combination of a landscape picture and multiple scenic spots.

It is a 3D tourist souvenir.

Relative to the cost of mold samples of thousands of thousands of ceramic cups, metal key rings and small plastic ornaments, the development cost of refrigerator magnets is quite low. Generally, a finished product can be developed for 400-500 yuan. Its main cost is the engraving fee, and the mold uses silicone soft mold, and the material cost is low.


Tourist souvenirs are an extension of the tourist experience, and in a pleasant trip, making consumption impulsive does not mean not looking at the price. Souvenir fridge magnets with a price range of more than 10 to 20 yuan can be said to allow tourists to "think without thinking" when buying.


We see that tourists are mostly backpackers, so the so-called big souvenirs, aside from the more expensive selling price and factors that are not easy to carry, will also reduce tourists' desire to buy.


The design size of refrigerator magnets is generally no more than 8 cm on the longest or widest side, and no more than 3 cm in thickness. For tourists, this size will buy more if they like it.


Fridge magnets record the traces of tourists passing by this world, and they often remind people of memories of those people, things, and moods during a period of travel. The purchase of fridge magnets is the feeling of collection, and these are the meanings of the existence of tourist souvenirs.


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