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Why collect commemorative coins?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 09-23-2019      Origin: Site


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If you plan to start collecting coins, then you are in the right place. We bring together everything that is needed for an aspiring coin collector to get started. Here you will get a lot of information you want, including articles, pictures, guides and products. Turn the change in your pocket or special edition commemorative coins into a hugely rewarding pastime that brings the story of the past to life.


As a hobby, people of all ages like coin collection, which can be used as a lifetime souvenir, and can also be inherited as a legacy to the next generation. Learn more about the commemorative coin casting process and the stories behind our coins and start to enter the fascinating world of more experienced commemorative coin collectors. Your journey begins here.


The motivation for collecting varies from person to person. The most common types of collectors are amateurs who often collect collectibles purely for collection, but don't care much about their profit value, and more because they love it.



Another common reason to buy coins is as an investment. As with stamps, precious metals or other commodities, the price of coins is also based on market supply and demand. The price of non-long-term demand coins falls and rises with the perceived value or intrinsic value of the coin. Investors expect the value of long-term purchases to increase. As with all types of investments, follow the buyer's own principles and recommend research before buying. Similarly, like most collectibles, coin collections do not generate any revenue before they are sold, and may even incur costs during this period (for example, storage costs for safes).


Another type of special one is coin hoarders, who may be similar to investors because they accumulate coins in order to obtain potential long-term profits. However, unlike investors, they usually do not consider the beauty or artistry of the collection. Instead, they collect and hold any number of coins. This is most common in commemorative coins where metal value exceeds its consumer value.


gold commemorative coins

Speculators, whether they are amateur buyers or commercial buyers, usually buy large quantities of coins and target short-term gains. They want to take advantage of the surge in demand for specific coins (for example, the Canadian Coin Collection published annually by the Royal Canadian Mint). Speculators want to buy a lot of coins and sell them for profit in weeks or months. Speculators also buy ordinary currency coins of intrinsic metal value. Usually, they buy coins made of rare or precious metals, or buy high-purity coins of specific metals, such as gold and silver coins.


The last type of collector is the successor. This is an accidental phenomenon. He gets coins from another person as part of the inheritance and belongs to the passive collection. It is possible for the successor to be interested in numismatics at the time of the acquisition, or it may be ignorant.

commemorative coins

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